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Stress management

Stress is an ever increasing problem in modern life. This course aims to provide the knowledge to deal more effectively with stress, enabling you to recognise the signs and deal with it before it becomes too much of an issue. It will also assist you by providing practical solutions to help you ‘calm down’ in times of stress.


  • Understanding what stress is and how it affects you
  • Learning what a stress response is
  • Understanding the signs of stress and how it can affect all areas of your life
  • Learning and understanding how you can increase your ability to cope with stress
  • The importance of developing a way of managing your own stress
  • Learning to see the signs in others and how to deal with their stress to avoid it becoming an issue in your life.

Suitable for:
Anyone who feels under pressure from every day life and has trouble coping with it.

(Stress Management courses are also available at a more advanced level and may be spread over 2 days to include overnight accommodation and more in-depth practical exercises)

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