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Do you feel the need to be more assertive at work or at home? Assertiveness is the ability to insist on being treated fairly both at work and in your private life, without violating the rights of others. To enable you to express your feelings openly without going too far and developing into aggression. This course will help you to develop the techniques required to be more assertive.


  • Recognising the differences between; submissiveness, assertion and aggression
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Using “I” messages
  • What assertiveness will not do
  • How to give praise and criticism
  • Effectiveness, advantages, problems and dangers

Suitable for:
Anyone who 'suffers in silence', feels they are not listened to, or is unable put their point across effectively, or would simply like to improve their ability to 'speak-up' within the workplace and develop skills that could lead to promotion.

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