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Management Skills Courses
Introduction to management

This course is designed to give you / your staff an overview of management. It will cover all of the major aspects of management, however, the depth in which the topics are covered will very much depend upon the number of days you choose in which to cover the course.

For instance, a one day course will briefly look at each of the major aspects, however there will be no role play or particular depth to these.  A five day course will give you 1/2 a day on each topic to give you a working knowledge of each area and 10 days will allow you to have a full day on each section giving a good working knowledge with practical applications.  There are also a number of other fields available to suit your requirements.


  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Problem solving
  • Managing meetings
  • Motivation
  • Using information for decision making
  • Planning change
  • Implementing change
  • Stress management

Also available (and used as substitutes where necessary) How People Learn / Report Writing / Influencing and Negotiation Skills / Managing Diversity / Marketing / Managing the consequences of Change / Health & Safety at Work / Working to a Budget / Finance for the Non-Financial Manager / Team Building / Delegating Effectively / Planning (staff) Development / Coaching / Assessing Performance / Interviewing Skills / Giving and Receiving Feedback (360 degree management)

Suitable for:
Anyone aspiring to management level within their organisation. Can also be used as a refresher or to develop further skills of people already in a management role.

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