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Speedwriting is a very simple method of shorthand that almost anyone can learn to do very quickly.  This course may be run over one day to learn the basics and increase the delegates writing speed by 100% from an average of 30 words per minute to a minimum of 60wpm, or over 2 days, whereby the speed can be increased by 200 – 300%, achieving speeds in excess of 100wpm.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Increase their speed by 20% without learning anything
  • Understand and use the basic rules of speedwriting
  • Look at the English language in a ‘new light’ giving them insight into how to take notes  quickly and effectively
  • How to translate notes back into “Proper English”
  • Be able to take notes in meetings
  • Learn a Glossary of Terms relating to their own industry

Suitable for:
Anyone at any level within a company who needs to take effective notes at meetings (ie. Minute-takers), on the telephone, when they’re in discussions with clients etc. A reasonable level of English would be required to enable the delegate to translate their notes back into ‘Formal / Proper English’.

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