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Customer care

Showing your customers you care through the service you provide ensures a good return on the effort and money you invest. The cost of finding new customers can be prohibitive, keeping loyal customers however costs almost nothing and they will buy more and buy regularly - providing they are happy.

Satisfied customers will also recommend you to others. Dissatisfied customers will complain about you to an average of 10 other people and these in turn can multiply the damage to your reputation.


  • How to communicate with your customers
  • How to build trust and deliver consistent service
  • Making the most of the sales opportunities
  • How to effectively handle complaints and deal with dissatisfied customers
  • The importance of effective communication - questioning, listening and understanding
  • How you can involve your whole team/company in the provision of effective customer care

Suitable for:
Employees who have to deal with customers in both face-to-face contact or over the telephone. Business owners/managers who wish to understand their customers better.

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