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Fresh Insight offers a sales and marketing service to clients who have a vision of where they want to be in 2 years time, but who may be unclear of how best to achieve it.

Whilst there are various agencies around who are able to assist, not many of them will spend free time* getting to know you and your company in order to provide you with written recommendations outlining what we feel to be the best way forward to achieve your aims, without any further commitment on your part.

Should you choose to use this option, one of our consultants will attend your premises to discuss with you where your business is in the current market place and where you want to be in the next 6, 12 and 24 months. We contact with your staff members to discover where they perceive the company to be - this is often very different from your view of things! We would also ask them how they feel they could contribute further to your company’s corporate development (this would be done either personally or via a simple questionnaire - whichever is more appropriate), there is untapped potential within every company - how much is untapped in yours?

Once an insight has been gained into the way you and your company work and what you require from your business, our consultant will provide you with a written report on how and where we feel your best opportunities lie. We will make recommendations for moving your company forward through sales, marketing, or training - leaving you with a Fresh Insight into your own company.

You then have the choice of moving forward alone, or you could choose to use one or more of the other services provided by Fresh Insight.

* consultation time is free, there will be a charge for the report, should you choose to take it further.

Marketing offers a broad spectrum of services. Through our associates, we are able to offer specialist marketing services, working either in-house from your premises, or through the office of Fresh Insight.

Our consultants are able to offer:-

  • a full range of graphic design services (conception to delivery, including print) for ANYTHING visual.
  • complementary copywriting services
  • complementary advertising services (design and placement)
  • public relations management
  • sales and marketing strategies
  • trade show management

We will either point you in the right direction, or implement strategies on your behalf - effectively becoming your part-time marketing manager.

Fees are charged on an individual project basis.

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